If you buy groceries at stores other than at King Soopers, eat out, shop at retail stores (including online), go to movies, give gift cards as gifts, etc., use this program to direct dollars (from 2% – 23% of what you spend) back to Shepherd. Choose from over 500 businesses! Orders can be placed online. Please place your order online before 8:30 am each Wednesday at it will be delivered to the office the following Wednesday.

  • Click HERE to set up an online Scrip account. You will need Shepherd’s enrollment code. The enrollment code is available by calling the office. Place your online orders before Wednesday, 8:30 am, and your order will be available for pick up in the school office the following Wednesday.
  • Ready to shop but forgot to order SCRIP? Use their ScripNow! program to have Scrip sent directly to you in minutes via email.
  • Don’t want to have to pick up your gift cards at Shepherd each time you order? Participate in Scrip’s reloadable program. When you purchase your first gift card as a reloadable card through our Scrip program, you can reload your card online through Scrip. Shepherd will continue to be credited when you reload as long as the original card was purchased as a re-loadable card through our Scrip program.